Wrestling is real.

Every time the topic of wrestling comes up, there’s always the common comment of “But wrestling is fake”. Yes people know its fake. But as with any other source of entertainment we watch it because it’s entertainment. It doesn’t matter if the event has happened in real life. Many people care more about being entertained.

What’s real and what’s scripted?

The main argument has always been that WWE and many other wrestling shows are scripted. But what portion of it is real?

I’ve always admired the fact that even if you know the script, there’s still physical work to put in. As wrestlers are developing their careers, they have to develop their own character, in/out ring styles, move-sets and put their own physical abilities to the test. Wrestlers need to be take a fall/hit as well safely dish them out. Safety is key in the business. If you’re about to pick up a person and throw them down on the mat you need to do in a way to that makes it look like they’re hurt but not seriously hurt.

Keeping in mind wrestlers do shows every week and PPV shows once a month on top of normal shows. In between the main events they have to train, learn scripts, develop their own character further and so much more.

John Cena himself holds the record for most Make-A-Wish wishes granted. He also makes appearances in movies, TV shows. At this time he’s probably the flagship wrestler for WWE. Where the wrestlers do their own work in terms of character development and training etc. The shows themselves have their own writing team. These teams will craft out the story lines for the whole business. The scripting works around characters in play, situations and the current affairs. There is a lot of crossover between wrestling characters and the scripting which makes it very important for good entertainment.


Saturday Night Live snl saturday night live promo season 42 GIF

So most of the human population have heard about John Cena (but you cant see him). There are many other characters. Their skills all vary depending on mic skills, character design and physical abilities.

The King of strong style, the artist – Shinsuke Nakamura. One of the most hyped wrestlers during his developmental phase. His mic skills are low but his in ring ability and character design are top notch. Just look at the video above he has the whole crowd singing along with his theme song. His first entrance into the WWE ring had one of the largest pops (rapid audience appreciation increase) and even as the song ends the audience keeps singing. His wrestling style has him working main events in the show and strong hype flowing into his popularity.

WWE sports wwe 2016 wrestling GIF

The phenomenal one – A.J. Styles. Dubbed the best wrestler of this current generation. He has amazing ability. His match with John Cena this year was possibly one of the best matches of the year. The story was solid and the match showed what the two giants of wrestling could do and displayed some amazing feats. A.J. probably has the best in-ring ability. His mic skills are good and his character is simple but good. Fans are waiting for the dream match of Shinsuke versus A.J. because they know both wrestlers will put on their best show. With his pre-WWE hype training going full steam. He’s only started and I’m certain he’ll have many great matches to come.

There’s so many more wrestlers I can go into. Randy Orton and his infamous RKO, The Rock and Stone Cold’s amazing promos but let’s go for the lesser known.


Here are the Usos – heel tag team champions. They refreshed their characters after the brand split and are now on fire. But what did they change? Their wrestling style is more aggressive but that’s what a heel character has to do. They refreshed their promo style and are now playing perfectly into their heel characters. As a heel your character needs to make the audience hate you but in this case they feud against the face of the story which automatically makes them somewhat hated. But with aggressive strong promos like this, they earn the crowd’s respect. They are still treated as the heels but they aren’t booed at (at least not all the time). They are currently on Smackdown where the rivalries are more intense and the crowd pops are amazing. Constant chants for “THIS.IS.AWESOME” can be heard when a great match is being displayed.

(Best WWE skit )

So as you can see here’s my take on whats real in wrestling. It’s just another form of entertainment. Yes it’s scripted, but i’ts scripted for people’s entertainment. Wrestling has changed over the years. It’s become more adoptive of the physical entertainment but it retains the fact that people are watching this for entertainment. I will always enjoy a good story, admire the skills of athletes and be impressed by the promo and mic skills that wrestlers have.

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