Why’s an adult watching cartoons?

It’s a quiet lazy Sunday afternoon. I’ve done my meal prep for the week, I’m slowly thinking about my next blog post. But first let’s watch the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super or My Hero Academia.


Growing up as a anime enthusiast was pretty easy when I had many friends that also appreciated what I watched just as much as I did. But of course I always got the stupid remark of “Why is a grown person watching cartoons?”. My immediate response is to tell them “By your logic, Family Guy would be suited for only children.” But let’s look at another approach to this.


So why do we watch cartoons?

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I watch a multitude of shows and movies. I don’t care what the platform, it’s the story and action that I came to see. Even shows like Dragon Ball Super or the Pokemon movie reboot. I’m watching these because I loved these shows growing up and they hold a special place in my heart. Shows like Dragon Ball Super have a simple story but awesome action scenes and there’s heaps of the nostalgia factor. Like seeing the badass future Trunks come back for a new arc (Android/Cell arc is my favourite of DBZ).

On the other end you have a movie like Zootopia which went real deep with its story about diversity and stereotypes. This was a children’s movie but targeted a real world problem in a new format.

For a majority of older shows, it’s purely about the nostalgia factor. I still fondly remember the days of being a child and waking up early on a Saturday morning, my parents still asleep, to watch my morning cartoons. I vaguely remember watching Batman, Hulk and Spiderman.  In later years, more and more anime start to pop up. Of course as I got older I stopped waking up early just so I could gain some valuable and precious sleep.


The thought process

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So why are people so drilled into this mode of thinking? I would say, again, it’s the media fault. Yet another classic portrayal of stereotypes and people. Yes, a large majority of cartoons and anime are directed at younger audience but there are also some directed at older teens and even some at adults. But this is simply a form of media. A story can be conveyed through any medium. Not every story has to very complex or super simple. A story is a conduit that portrays an event.

This week’s post was simple. It doesn’t matter why someone watches cartoons. If they enjoy it then that’s fine, let them enjoy their entertainment. The art form of storytelling has evolved through the years and it has unlimited potential to ignite new stories and creations in the minds of people. There will always be people judging others. They do that because they feel different. If they can’t see the same joy that you can, then they can just miss out. So don’t be afraid, watch what you want and let’s see if that can spark some new creation in your beautiful mind.

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