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(not by David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi)

Long ago, we spun tales with words. An expansive vocabulary paired with undulating tones and pitches gave birth to storytelling. Since days of wordsmiths, we have evolved with our methods of storytelling. There are a myriad of mediums and a vast amount of techniques but the desire to tell a story well is the same, unchanging quality we still hold and honour.

Stories are reenactments, recounts and recordings of events. Your audience expects enlightenment. It’s all an experience.

I wanted to learn how to edit videos well, so I began vlogging. If you ask me, the quickest way to learn is to have a crash course, so I vlogged daily for a month. Each one was put up on YouTube, but none were made public. They were kind of dull and boring, but that was only at the beginning of my journey. I learnt a lot about editing. I learnt a lot about framing shots. I learnt not to be afraid to mess up. I learnt the importance of foresight.

For a while now, I’ve stopped daily vlogging – it took up a lot of time and effort. Nowadays I only vlog on occasion but when I do, I take it more seriously than the usual daily vlog. You could say there is a lot more pre- and post-production. It’s a stretch to call myself anything like a film maker, but all I want to be is a good storyteller.

This will be my first public video on YouTube. It’s a short collection of excerpts from past vlogs which I hope personify my content a little. Here is something I like doing and want to keep doing.

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