The Timelapse Post

So little time!

So much to do

Oh man, timelapses always look easy but there’s an actual science to them. No doubt about it. I spent the past week trying to get some good ones but I think I learnt more about what not to do and what makes a bad timelapse. I mean, it was a learning experience in the end and that’s what all this is really about so I’m not complaining.

Here’s what I’ve learnt.

  • Have clear subjects in your shot. This is pretty basic, you’re directing the viewer’s attention towards what you want them to notice. The subject should probably be static so that you can…
  • Ensure there is something happening in the shot which shows the passage of time. This can be things like clouds, cars, people. Anything and everything which can move shows the passage of time around your static subject.
  • Point your camera at the sun only if you have control over focus and exposure settings. I was using my cheap action camera which has neither of these and I kept pointing it at the sun and allowing glare to mess up my shots. If I had the ability to chose what the focus was on or play with my exposure, I could have had been able to show the different coloured clouds during the sunrise for example.
  • Just take a lot because they’re easy and enjoyable to watch. The reward you get for the amount of effort you put into timelapses is great. You’re literally setting up and waiting around until you’re done. Most of the time, you’ll end up with something which can be pretty soothing to watch.

You have to generally have an idea of what you’re doing haha.

One thing to note which detracts from that video is that I was using my phone camera for all the front-facing shots. Sometimes my phone freaks out when recording on the front-facing camera and the video ends up being out of sync with the audio. I did what I could to fix that up but it’s something I’d like to roughly correct so it’s not terribly ugly, and then forget about because I have my main camera back with me for next time. It’s definitely much better.

Seeeeee ya.

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