The Third Intro Post

Another Intro Post!

Are you getting tired of these? Too bad!

This will be the first post you read. No that might not be true if you ended up reading the posts in chronological order. This will be the most recent post when Ashwin and I begin telling people about this blog. That’s more accurate.

Why is that?

When we started this blog, Ashwin and I didn’t know when we wanted to sorta “publicise” the blog or how to go about it at all. We had obviously never read many blogs and had no real idea of how to manage one. We figured there were two ways to go about things, at least in these early stages.

  1. Publicise then post. We tell all our friends that we had started this new blog and what we hope to accomplish and then from there, it’s a matter of posting every week consistently and holding ourselves to that standard.
  2. Post then publicise. We set up the blog and begin ghost-posting every week and when we have this routine built into our lives, we tell our friends about this blog.

You can obviously tell that we went for the second option. The point was to build the habit of posting every week, by a certain day. The point was to introduce this new focus into our weeks.

As soon as we let people know that our intention is to post weekly, we’d be held to that standard whether we like it or not. For that reason, we wanted to make sure that we would be able to churn out blog posts reliably. The best way to become good at publishing a post every week was just to practice it – and that’s what we did. Hence the posts from before you knew about this blog haha.

To me, focus is stubbornness. People who are focussed aren’t willing to budge. There are different manifestations of this but it really boils down to knowing what you want and making that happen. Bruce Wayne is focussed on removing crime from Gotham City and Elon Musk is focussed on improving everything that ever existed and Ashwin and I are focussed on putting down our thoughts and projects here.

I hope we have ingrained the process of planning and executing a good blog post into our routines well enough for this to be a learning experience for us as well as a source of entertaining reads for anyone who does read this.

Ashwin and I aren’t in this to have the blog go big and become famous. We’re in it for the fulfillment of having our own blog where we can post whatever we want. So if you think you like where this blog is going, let us know! If you don’t, that’s okay. Maybe come back later when we have more content and see whether any of that interests you. We won’t mind.

But yeah, welcome to our blog!

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