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I’m probably late on this but is Cardi B like… Nicki Minaj from an alternate dimension or…?

My taste in music is kinda like old rap. Y’know, Wu Tang, Snoop, Dre, MF Doom and such. I love that man, it’s so good. When you listen to Wu Tang, it feels like you’re listening to a bunch of friends making beats and laughing and stuff on top of them. Snoop’s like always just having fun talking about all the stuff he’s into. MF’s albums are just made really nicely – the samples are nice, the rhymes are nice, that scratchy voice is nice. Mmm mmm mmm! But yeah that’s sort of what I’m into and that’s what I anticipate listening to when I’m just chilling out or maybe working or anything like that.

It’s just nice having albums at your disposal. It’s like you’ve got the perfect sound and music for any situation (watch Baby Driver). That’s powerful, man. You’ve got control over your psyche and you can induce whatever emotion you want, whenever you want. Gym playlists are a prime example of this (ask Ashwin, he’ll vouch for that). Having a library of music you know and love just feels like home.

One night, I had a realisation. It wasn’t like an epiphany (which I think are supposed to be enlightening), but more of an “Oh wowowow so that’s how it is” moment. I was out somewhere with some friends and there was music playing. I didn’t recognise a song and asked someone what is was. All good, no realisations yet. I didn’t recognise the next song either so I asked that same person again. No problem. This happened again and I asked what the song was a third time. For all three times I asked about the song which was playing, I got an answer. So it wasn’t like there were weird indie songs being played. I learnt later that they were just normal top 40 songs and then it hit me.

All this time, as a result of me and my proud old school rap tastes, I wasn’t listening to new music. It’s like I had justified to myself that the only good stuff was the stuff I was already listening to. So then what’s the point in trying other and newer music? I vividly remember thinking that new rap music isn’t as good as the old. I know a lot of people will still stand by that but the more I think about it, the more obvious it is to me that you can’t live your life that way!

The old is the old and the new is the new. This is a classic case of the “you don’t know if something is good unless you try it” trope. But really, it’s true man, I’ll stick to the music analogy, though. Why allow yourself to be boxed in by your own tastes? Your tastes are allowed to change and so should your musical boundaries. If one does not allow oneself to branch out, one may miss beautiful poetry such as Gucci Gang by the genius of our age Lil Pump.

Open-mindedness will sort this out for me. In my example, it means actually listening to the radio or the top 40 or whatever every now and again to keep myself in the loop musically. No one likes falling behind and I don’t think people should be justifying their falling behind. If you like the new music, then great! If you don’t like the new music, then cool no harm done. Just don’t be building walls and rejecting what’s new because nothing quite fits into your box anymore.

Happy new year all,


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