The Journey Post

Who Am I?

And how did I get here?

Nah just kidding. This is going to be totally off the top of my head so yeah sorry but that’s how it’s going to be.

I recently caught up with a friend and we were just chilling out and talking. It was pretty light-hearted and then Monday night suddenly became a whirlwind of philosophy. We talked about what it was which had gotten us to where we are right now. I mean, we’re not billionaires or famous or anything, but we’re here. Man, that conversation came totally out of the blue and I think we both loved every second of it.

So we’re interrupting the regularly scheduled and planned blog post to have a mind-dump of thoughts and vague recollections of that conversation. Hehe.

It’s improbable that only one thing has gotten you where you are right now. There are likely to be more factors. But really, when you boil it down, I think you can hit a certain set of events or personal attributes to give thanks to for being here right now. Whatever you’re doing is a result of something in your past defining you and priming you to do whatever you’re doing. Let me know if I’m rambling, not that I’ll stop or anything though. 🙂

I don’t want to call them defining moments because that’s really overused, but we should be able to trace back all the decisions we’ve ever made to certain events which enable and enforce us to make those decisions. Like how I always check the weather forecast every morning because I’ve once been caught terribly unprepared for torrential rain. Seriously all the stuff in my bag got so drenched, it was bad.

Though it feels like we’re edging towards a determinism kind of discussion… We’re not. Well, not much. I think there will be determinism in play here and that’s how it is. I’m using my hatred of bananas as an example again. All my outcomes and their paths will never ever involve bananas. That sounds a little deterministic, right? Correct me if I’m wrong though, I’m not researching any of this. Anywho it’s an example of something in my past influencing my behaviour, eliminating some possible end points and their journeys.

What do you think brought you to where you are today? Did something set you off on a journey without you realising?

Mannnnnn. Craaaazy.

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