The Interview Part 2 Post

The Sequel

which no one saw coming

Tada! Here is the second part of the interview post from last week. You had probably guessed that it would be a video – and it is. I’ll save you the trouble and put the video here before I explain all the things I learnt from it.

This was filmed over two days – Saturday and Sunday. The fact that I wanted the beard on the older me and a clean shaven younger me made this as difficult as it turned out to be. Obviously, all the bearded shots had to be done first and I had to be satisfied with them before beginning any of the clean shaven shots. There was also an element of time pressure thrown in because I could only film in the afternoons and that meant risking the change in light caused by the setting sun messing with the shots. I actually had a really cool shot lined up with both me’s on opposite ends of the table but the lighting won that battle – so I’ll save it for another time.
On both of the days, I read out the lines in three different shots – bust, close up and over the shoulder. The point of doing that was to give me options on which shots to splice into the final version. Imagine if I had realised I wanted a different type of bearded shot on Sunday, after I had shaved. There’s no quick recovery from that, man.
But anyway, this was a fun exercise and there were a few lessons learnt here:
  • Plan for things going wrong. The whole filming every line in three different shots gave me a huge abundance of material to work with if necessary.
  • Mark the camera’s position. When shooting the same or similar scenes over a couple of days, you really need the camera to be in the same position all the time or else your audience will notice it. Then you’re just detracting from the experience by having your viewers notice your technical flaws.
  • If you’re going to be on camera, probably learn to act better. This one speaks for itself hahaha.
  • GET A MICROPHONE OMG. The audio sounds flat, doesn’t it? Yeah yeah okay I’ll see what I can do about it.

Also, Jacinda Ardern was basically all of this past week’s news.

Mkay, see ya!

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