The Hand-icap Post

It was a tough time

I should have gone to the second hand store

Things which are difficult/impossible to do with a broken hand

  1. Typing fast
  2. Typing at a normal speed
  3. Playing a piano
  4. Playing the flute
  5. Playing basketball
  6. Lifting weights
  7. Pulling up your pants
  8. Putting on a belt
  9. Making your bed
  10. Sleeping on the broken hand side
  11. Sleeping on the not broken hand side
  12. Front flips
  13. Back flips
  14. Cartwheels
  15. Juggling
  16. Riding a bicycle
  17. Getting your bus card from your left pocket
  18. Getting anything from your left pocket
  19. Turning a steering wheel
  20. Changing gear
  21. Driving a car
  22. Texting
  23. Using your opposable thumb
  24. A left handed karate chop
  25. Performing a hadouken
  26. Performing a hadouken in a video game
  27. Holding a controller
  28. Playing video games
  29. Installing a graphics card
  30. Playing at the driving range
  31. Holding a hot chocolate

Things which are not impeded by a broken hand

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