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Channeling my inner Shia Labeouf here

Since this blog has “going public”, I’ve spoken with a few people who have commended me and Ashwin for going ahead and doing it. They’ve then expressed that they had an idea to do something similar but just haven’t. This post is for you guys.


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What Ashwin and I are doing – this is fun. This is a lot of fun. I thought it would be like having a part time job on top of my normal day job, where I’d have to set my own deadlines and make sure that everything on this blog is of a certain standard. The reality is all of what I’ve said is true.

I’m going to use last week’s post as a little example. There was a lot of stuff which was planned, executed (poorly), planned and then executed again before hours of editing. There were inefficiencies but it still took a long time. That week was nothing like my pre-blog weeks. There’s extra work to be done nowadays. Now that’s not a bad thing if you remember what Ashwin and I are here to do – create and maybe even inspire (that might be a long shot but we’d like to). More time for the blog means less time for other things and as usual, we have the traditional trade-off between what you want to do and what you need to do. The only difference here is that you’ve set the standard for yourself on what needs to be done, like a weekly blog post, and no one is forcing that deadline on you except yourself. Maybe Ashwin and I are just psychopaths who like living on the edge all the time. Maybe we’re workaholics. Or maybe it’s so enjoyable that we actually want to put in more work.

There’s no risk to putting content online. In fact, the risk is so minimal that it’s basically all reward. The way I see it, the best case scenario is everyone loves your content, you get a following, you have heaps of fun and it becomes a part of your life. The worst case scenario is your content doesn’t entertain people and you get a diary of sorts. Though in this day and age, there will always be a group of people who will be entertained. There is always a community for whatever you want to contribute with. So why hold back? Why not test the waters and see whether it’s for you? If it is, congrats! If it’s not, you tried something new out and got an experience out of it. You’re really winning all over the place here. Do you see what I mean?

I used to think that putting things online made me and my content so accessible that it’s begging to be judged. I used to think that and become afraid of sharing my thoughts or opinions. But really when I stepped back and considered this place as a journal or a log or just a place I could record some thoughts which someone else might find cool, the fear of judgement dissipated. If you don’t like what you read here, you might not come back. If you do, you’ll come back when there’s more to read. As long as there are some people who like reading or watching what we have here, we’re not going to be demoralised. We want to entertain with our thoughts and projects, and no amount of booing can make us stop doing what we want to do.

Plus Ashwin’s on my side and he’s an elite hacker so watch what you say.

So you over there, with an unused camera in the closet. Or you out there, with ideas worth sharing. Join us in this public sphere and share yourself with the worldddd. That sounds really preachy, doesn’t it? Oh well. It doesn’t matter.

It is hard work, but it’s fun. You’re getting a new kind of fulfillment and you’re most likely entertaining someone out there. That’s a pretty sweet deal. So far, Ashwin and I are here to stay. See y’all next week and for several weeks to come!

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