The art of binge watching

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Ahhhh. It’s one of those days. Nothing planned. You got nothing serious to do right now. Let’s sit down and watch that TV series you’ve always been told to watch. The whole series is currently sitting on Netflix now. Break out your favourite snacks, get comfy and chill in front of a screen for the next large amount of time watching TV.

The good ol binge watching of a TV series.

Too many people have done this, myself also included. It’s sort of relaxing and depending on the show you can get lost in the world of whatever you’re watching. The last show I binged was Netflix Defenders. This was the epic conclusion to phase 1 of Netflix’s Marvel universe. I love crossovers, team-up series/episodes. Since this was only 13 episodes, I sat down on a Saturday and finished the whole thing. Thanks to Netflix, all the episodes were up on Friday. I spent the very next Saturday morning finishing off the whole series.

Usually I watch a TV show as the episodes come out. I usually don’t like waiting for the whole series to be out. Main reason would because I’d have to binge multiple series as they finish (episodically most shows run from October to April/May). With each weekly episode I like to read subreddits for the show and see what other fans think, browse the memes or fan-art. It also helps build hype for the next episode.

I personally like using Saturday morning for my quick 2-3 hour binge watching. This usually isn’t limited to Netflix. Most of the time I’ll try catch up on TFS (TeamFourStar) streams or other miscellaneous YouTube videos (i.e. Twitch highlights from PUBG, Overwatch or Hearthstone).

So with binge watching, it doesn’t matter what you’re watching or how long. It’s a new way of relaxing and catching up on some media that you didn’t have time to watch over the week. I like to use it as a form of entertainment or a way to escape my busy life. Even if its just for a couple hours of the week. A binge watch doesn’t have to be restricted to just video. I’ve had weekends where I’ve finished off games or listened to new artist of albums. I like to think of these as tools to help us escape our everyday lives and to be entertained in our own way.

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