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Okay no girls

Happy new year.

Who wants to talk about resolutions? Sure why not!

A new year always brings with it (among other things), a throng of people at the gym, and out running on the roads. They’re often the butt of new years resolution jokes but at least they’re out there giving it a shot.

But here’s the thing. If you want to be successful with your resolutions, then you have to know what kind of person you are. You really have to know what gets you all fiery and excited and what gets you down in the dumps and demotivated. So here’s a totally average but maybe hopefully possibly hopefully useful guide on what I reckon are the three types of people you can be to get stuff done.

Image result for american psychoThe Psycho

These people know what they want. Like the really know what they want and they want it bad. Plans, trial runs and maybe a couple of bodies later, they know exactly how to get where they want to be.

A classic trait is an unsympathetic and unwavering drive to get what they want. Some people call it focus. I call it insanity. They’ll consider all the things which impede them in reaching their destination and will do what it takes to remove those obstacles.

But wait what’s up with Christian Bale playing psychos all the time? I mean Norman Bates (American Psycho), Alfred Borden (The Prestige), Batman (…Batman)? Is Christian Bale the perfect psychopath? All those guys have one incredible desire and that becomes the real core of their character, know what I mean? Anyway this isn’t one of Ashwin’s movie thingies. Let’s move on?

All those characters are great, though.

Image result for leonardo dicaprio inceptionThe Flake

Does it really matter what this person commits to? I know, I know what you’re thinking. “Oh Dasarsh, that’s such a harsh thing to say! Don’t be so mean to your readers, especially when you want more.”

Sue me. 🙂

These people set goals and establish all the right habits but it really just turns into nothing. They’re convincingly on top of things but really they’re not all there at all. New years resolutions are a way of getting through the first 2-3 weeks of the new year without getting bored. I’d give these people 3 Taco Tuesdays before the summer bod gets put on the back burner. I actually really love tacos.

But srsly what’s with Leo playing all these flakes, man? Especially of the mind-bending, narrator kind. He’s Teddy Daniels (Shutter Island) and Dom Cobb (Inception), and if you forget the narrator part, he’s been Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby) and Billy Costigan (The Departed), as well. They narrate to you a story that’s confusing and wrong, or aren’t even who they say they are. I mean, which supermodel is he dating now? 😉 Flakety flakety flake.

Image result for will smithThe Man

Now we’re just talking about the average human being over here. These everyday people are just doing their everyday things, everyday. They get their moments to shine and be all cool, but y’know… we all do. And then they’re back to their usual grind of an average lives.

They’ve got good intentions and stuff. They wanna get strong. They wanna be smart. They entertain the idea of meteoric career progression. What’s more is that they’ll put in the effort, too! The average person’s capable of being great! But, and it happens to us all, life gets in the way and there are struggles and sacrifices.

Has anyone noticed that Will Smith plays the man heaps? I mean he’s just an ordinary dude and then something weird happens and sets him off track, or changes his outlook completely and then he’s a different person altogether, ya feel me? He’s been Jay (Men in Black), Del Spooner (I, Robot), Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happyness) an Howard (Collateral Beauty). Like just normal guys who get hit by life. Will Smith is also the man. Yup.


Yeah well that’s it. I should probably do my best to undo any offensive I’ve caused you to take. I listed three types here but it’s probably more of a spectrum or something. Or maybe we’re all, or any, of the three types based on circumstance. Oooooooh how interesting.

Anyway, everyone should know that I am in no way a professional about anything I’ve been typing about. Everything here rates high on the grain-of-salt-o-meter. I’m just some dude writing what I think.

Happy (advance) February!

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