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The Thai Street Post

Here’s one totally average review

Yup that’s the name of this segment now

This week, I figured I’d do somewhat of a review. Of course, the topic needed to be something which I am knowledgeable about. It needed to be something which I do often enough to call myself an expert in. It could only really be one thing.


That said, my expertise is in the consumption of food as opposed to the description of it. So if you read food reviews often, you’ll probably have to put up with some sub-par recounts from someone ill-versed in the foodie lexicon. I’ll try my best for both our sake.

Another thing is that I don’t enjoy eating alone. It looks very sad, especially in a restaurant setting. So I hired someone to become my partner in crime when it comes to trying out food and chronicling thoughts on said food. Meet Jahnavi! She’s pretty cool.

We chose Thai Street because we had been there a few times before, in the hopes that it would make this review easier – surely we would just need to write down what we already know makes us return customers. Turns out it’s harder than that. We already had opinions on the place but the real struggle was articulating them. The difference between rating a place you’ve been to heaps and rating a place on your first visit is the level of subjectivity. If you’ve eaten somewhere several times, you will have already acquired experiences and opinions which give you reason to come back for more. But when you’re visiting a place for the first time, how you rate the place and whether you come back a second time depends on a far harsher set of criteria and potentially represents a more objective view.

But what’s really subjective and what’s really objective? That’s a can of worms I’d rather not open right now. Let’s get on with the totally average review.

I like to think I’m methodical so this is how I’m splitting this review up to paint a picture about this restaurant. Also here’s a quick little trailer of our visit there.


Thai Street
3/12 Jellicoe Street
Wynyard Quarter


The feel that they’re going for is a street food kind of thing but to be honest, I’ve never really understood how one can emulate street food in a classy restaurant setting. I’m yet to see this done well, or even properly. You can see slivers of it in the rustic table setup with some wooden stools, a woven sort of table mat and steel glasses for your water however it doesn’t really exude anything which is obviously to do with street food.


Gai Pad Kapao + Chicken Pad Thai + Dolce Vita

We got the classic staple, chicken pad thai, as a benchmark and a gai pad kapao to try something new. We finished with the dolce vita for dessert.


We don’t know much about Thai food, but this menu covered all the staples we were familiar with. There was a wide variety of options however you are somewhat limited by the fact there is no option to pick your meat for each dish like you normally can (e.g. the green curry is a chicken curry and the red curry is a duck curry – if you wanted another option, tough luck). Understandably the chefs have put considerable thought into these pairings therefore we do not think this was a big issue in our books.


Pad Kapao

It is a simple dish with only a few ingredients so there isn’t a whole lot going on on the plate. There is little room for any awesome flavor to arise but the same can be said for there being little room for error. That said, I tasted a lot more chilli than basil. I’ll also admit it was a bit oily but I’m yet to see mince which is not oily and not deathly dry.

We expected it to be served with rice but that wasn’t the case. But I’m a mince fanatic so the less non-mince food there is in a mince dish the happier I’ll be.

The portion size is good, even without rice.

I (Dasarsh) would definitely get this again, but I love all mince dishes intensely.

Pad Thai

The pad thai had a good balance of flavours. The familiar tanginess, sourness, earthiness and hint of spice where all there and I was not disappointed.

It was a good portion size and the meat to noodle ratio was also good.

The dish overall was a bit on oily side but considering pad thai is originally a street food dish I cannot fault them here.

Dolce Vita

We enjoyed the thin chocolate sponge cake layer at the bottom as it gave a much needed contrast to the texture of the ice cream. But alas the one thin layer was not enough in our opinion. Maybe more layers or a thicker layer would have solved this.

The flavour combination of chocolate, coffee and hazelnut has been done before which made it just an average dessert in the end.

Overall the dessert was enjoyable but not the spectacular end to the dinner we had hoped for.


The dishes came out in rustic skillets which was exciting and added to the street food theme. The dishes we got were relatively simple with not much room for artistic flair.

The dessert was well presented but we aren’t quite sure why there were wifi symbols on the plate.


Holy crap, we got some great service here! The waitstaff were very attentive and very polite. They always came over to make sure we were being looked after. This was despite all our filming shenanigans.


The food is averagely priced but when you consider the portion sizes and locale, the pricing is quite good.

Zomato prices Thai Street as $50 for two people. We’d say it’s more like $60 for two mains and two drinks.

Final Remarks

Jahnavi: Guaranteed good food but not somewhere to go to sweep someone off their feet.

Dasarsh: Be prepared for some great hearty food. It’s definitely a place to go with a group for a casual lunch.