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Overwatch: Season 6 Flexing

I’d thought I’d give you guys a small update on my Overwatch status.

For the latest season of Overwatch I have begun to flex out to different heroes. No it’s not me showing my muscles (biceps are in progress) to the team via video. It’s where instead of insta-locking the hero I want (i.e. Lucio or Zenyetta) I let the team now I will help fill the gaps. Usually in the solo queue I’m usually healer or tank.

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So why the change?

Like many of the one tricks and other Overwatch players, I was beginning to feel the exhaustion of playing the same character over and over. DSPStanky stopped playing Overwatch for that reason. He felt his time in that world was over. He continues to stream games he wants and is happier now. I took a week of break after Season 5 and did some arcade and quick play. Not playing seriously and having fun really opened my eyes.

I started playing around with DPS characters and having more fun. I decided after that week I was going to start playing as a flex player on Overwatch. Within that week I learnt how to play each tank. I had a decent grasp on the supports so that was fine. Even when Season 6 started, I would go into quick play and warm up using DPS or Tank. This helped me refine my skills with Reinhard, Zarya, Roadhog, Doomfist, Pharah, Mei and Junkrat.

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The Junkrat buffs sold me as I was also a player that relied on prediction and not just aim. With Junkrat I could easily control the point when I was outnumbered. Remember Pharah being a pesky counter to Junkrat? Not anymore with the 2 bomb system. Simply use one to boost in the air and another to bomb to smack her right in the face.

So from now on I’m try learn the basics of each character. I’ll do this slowly and not instantly. Especially with new characters. To keep the game fresh and challenging I’ll switch to what I feel like, but of course I’ll keep that in mind for team composition because I want to win.

Cant Stop Wont Stop – Overwatch Part 2



One of the great memes generated by the internet. Boostio (Ana’s nano boosted accidental hit on Lucio), has become a great meme to express the fun and and random enjoyment of the game. One of my favourite uses of this memes is the almighty godlike player named DSPStanky.

This man revived and renewed my playstyle of Lucio.

As seen in his most famous video he took the internet challenge and moved from console play to PC where the competitive game is more intense. He took his unorthodox play-style of aggressive healer
In most games the healer is usually quite passive, sits in the back lines and hiding behind the tanks of the team. The way DSPStanky showed a more aggressive and smarter way to play Lucio by using the surrounding area to attack/escape team fights is amazing.


Next is the infamous BOOP of Overwatch.  It started from the animated Sombra video introduction but then coined as a term for pushing your opponent away from you. The most infamous characters of this are Lucio and Pharah. With DSPStanky’s useful plays and aggressive style this was perfect for me. Most commonly, the opposing team will be concentrated on taking out my team. Meanwhile Lucio can race in behind them and ‘BOOP’ them into a nearby pit or cliff. With this insta-kill method, your team can easily take control and take the objective. With the edge/pit kills that players cant be rezed (resurrected) and very few other characters have abilities to jump back. With those characters, you can harass them back into the pit or time it well enough to BOOP after their ability is on cooldown.

Lucio. Hes currently my main just for the sheer fun of messing with people and creating complicated situations for them.

I am on fire… but an extinguisher is not required

Next up is Zenyatta. Ahhh the almighty  pacifist who throw his orbs of healing or destruction. His abilities: Discord – increase damage inflicted. Heal – heal teamates and his ultimate is a AOE of healing for set duration. This will out-heal most other of the enemy teams ultimates. Zenyatta’s Discord is powerful. It can help your team easily deal with that pesky flanker or drain a tank down to nothing. His heal orb is just the opposite and heals your teammate with increased speed. Zenyatta is almost the opposite of Lucio. He’s the least mobile hero in the game but he can inflict some serious damage. His Discord combined with other team members’ attacks can destroy an opposing enemy in seconds. Even tanks can be shredded in seconds without giving them time to heal or run. But with the decreased mobility, if he’s left alone or out in the open he is very vulnerable.

Those are just 2 of my mains at this time. But as you can see so far the choice usually depends on my teams composition or what I feel like (or if my ping is bouncing like crazy). There’s also the choice of map. If it’s control map then Lucio is king. Otherwise when playing with defensive and tanky teams, I’ll use Zenyatta to cover heals and dish out the DPS. Now if only I could play both at once. I’ll be unstoppable.




Okay enough with the Lucio quotes.

From the great minds at Blizzard comes Overwatch. An action packed team-based FPS where it’s all about the ‘Team Composition’ (or Team Comp) and making sure you either outplay or counter the enemy team comp and accomplish the objective. Objectives differ between maps, from pushing the payload to contesting a set area of the map. Both teams get a chance to defend and attack.

I basically play this game almost every day. After work and gym, I have dinner and then sit down to either yell at my team to kill the bloody Pharah or yell how good they are. The game is not just another FPS with a single character with different weapons and you try to outplay the others. It’s team based. Either you team up with some friends or you go into the solo queue to hell.

Ello Queue? (Solo hell)

Basically when you don’t team up, you have to rely on five random strangers to help the team win. Either you get a team that’s all good and ready to change, be on comms, and not be salty. OR you get the ten year old who believes Hanzo is the greatest character alive, misses every shot, doesn’t listen or not in team chat, and doesn’t change when needed. Lucky Blizzard are smart. If you ever find a team that’s good and willing, hit the button to team up and they can join your group for all the Overwatch glory of fun and memes.

My Experience

I started off a little late into the launch of the game (near the end of season one). During season, two I got placed in high silver and slowly fell down through the ranks. For season three, I got placed in high silver again but slowly sank to the depths of bronze. Since the next season places you in a rough ±100 of last season, I got stuck in bronze during season four. From there I managed to claw and climb up my way to silver where I met some amazing teammates (Rein and Zarya – you know who you are). We grouped up, smashed our game and got to the glory of gold rank. I was happy with that achievement and ended up on a losing streak back into Bronze. At that point Blizzard nerfed win streaks and I clawed for most of the season to climb out of bronze back into gold.

The issues with Bronze

There are some good people down there but the key to the game is working as a team. At Bronze, there is barely anyone willing to talk or communicate. It’s almost a free for all. There are also lots of trolls and smurfs. They constantly ruin the fun of the game and throw (lose on purpose). It took a long time but I managed to find a few people to group up with and we crawled our way into silver. From that point it came down to a mix of players with talents who didn’t listen or some of the most intense games of my life.

So those are my experiences with rankings. Next up would be closer look at my choice of characters and styles of play.