Quick reviews – November

So I got this idea from a friend (thanks Ku-Ku). Quick easy movie review/opinions. I’m still trying to work out the format but I’m going to post a few now and see how this goes. To expand on the ideas, I’m going to include games and TV shows as well.


I usually watch a new movie every week. My taste in movies is pretty generic. I love my action, comedy and especially my anime. Nowadays I rarely get the chance to watch movies at home, usually go a movie on Saturday night catch up with friends.

With that I was thinking of making monthly post of movies I’ve watched and updating the list before and after the movie.

With games and shows, I’ll try follow a similar pattern.

I’ll try keep these as spoiler free as I can.

So let’s try this.


Justice league

Before: DC’s big jump into the cinematic universe. I still dislike the fact that the cinematic universe doesn’t link into the successful TV universe which is running great at this time.

After: CGI still irritates me. You could tell some scenes were forced and didn’t fit in that well. Fight scenes and nods to the comics and other characters were very nice.


Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Before: So much community hype. I loved Zelda since I first played Majora’s Mask on the N64. Nostalgia will always play a huge factor with the series for me.

After: Amazing. Truly a beautiful game. So much to do. It’s been a month and a bit but I still have so much to do in the game. This will be my game of the year for 2017.


Pokemon – Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Before: It’s just going to be Sun and Moon 2?

After: I’ve played first half of Ultra Sun. Other than small nicer changes it feels like the same game. I’m very interested to see how they change up the after-game.

Punisher Season 1

Before: Punisher killed it in Season 2 of Daredevil. Hopefully he keeps on murdering.

After: DAMN. So much blood and brutality. I loved it. The action was awesome and very good use of the flashback and PTSD.

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