Overwatch – Part 4: The Meta




The magical combo that wins most games. The definition combo for a better win. The play the pros use.

So what is it?

2/2/2 is short for 2 tanks, 2 heals, and 2 DPS. Simple formula right? It can get more complex with combos and mains but we’ll talk about that later. If we go further into the 2/2/2 meta comp it would be something this: Reinhart as main team shield, Dva/Winston as dive and quick tanks, Soldier 76 as main DPS, Pharah as ranged attacks, Lucio as close range healer and speed boost for getting in/out fights quickly and finally Ana for range attacks and Nano boost to sway a fight.

The comp will always vary based on maps, players and most importantly the other teams comp. The most perfect comp would be one that could easily counter the opposing teams comp. But of course remembering that other team also has a chance to switch it up. So the more intense games will usually have multiple characters swapping around to help counter or to adapt to the situation.  The worst situation is having a team where they aren’t willing to swap up and just stick to a single character even though your team is losing.


Dive Comp

Image result for dive comp overwatch

Oh yes, my favourite comp. It works wonders in the lower ranks. A dive comp is a variable comp which relies on playing aggressively and fast. One example of a dive comp is like the featured picture I have on top. Winston, Zarya, Genji, Tracer, Lucio and Ana. Generally with this comp Zarya will bubble Winston and then Winston dives the back lines focusing on the healers of the opposing team. The rest of the team, using Lucio’s speed boost, will rush in to either go straight for the point or mop up what’s left.

The counter for a dive comp is tricky. You need a tank buster like Reaper. Make sure your healers are protected and have good positioning. One counter could be the cheese combo. This where you unleash the turrets. So you have a Symetera, Torbjorn, Bastion, Mei, Mercy and last position depends on the player. An ideal person would be either Widow or Hanzo so they can pick off the people that survive the turrets. Or a Junkrat to spam the point or chokes.

With the dive comps I prefer to go on the attack first. This way the opposing team won’t have enough time to prepare for the attack. Once the team has re-spawned, the first point will be lost. At this stage, I would prepare as Lucio to speed straight onto the next point. This way the enemy team will have very little time to prepare for what hits next. As for defending, this will depend on what the current members of the team are more comfortable with.

I’ve had this comp work well for me. I usually take charge and most of my team works with it. My belief is that in the lower ranks, it works better because the opposing team will be a group of randoms. Not a 3+ stack and needs the team co-ordination to push back. With the dive comp we can force them into staggering the point which works well in our favour and they have no time to regroup or strategize.

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