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My Hero Academia
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Oh yes. It’s time to channel my inner weeb (commonly used as a derogatory term to define someone that is non-Japanese but watches mainly anime). This is a loose term which I use in a joking way. It’s time to talk about my favourite anime of 2016 and 2017 – My Hero Academia.

What’s it about?

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My Hero Academia summed up is pretty much another Shōnen Manga about a weak, picked-on teenager with no friends who lives in a world where almost everyone has superpowers. You can guess the next part. He then meets his all time favorite hero All Might. I’ll try not spoil the story from there but you can guess, that main character (Izuku Midoriya – Deku) gets powers and finds a way to fit in with his classmates.

Pretty classic Shōnen Manga right?

What I love about this anime

The music, animation and the beautiful storytelling. I also love the current superhero trend. The music is beautiful. It sets the mood of the scene perfectly.

Just look the first opening for Season 1. It generates the basic characteristics of a hero themed show. It generates good hype, shows the diversity of the characters and of course highlights All Might as the key leader/father figure.

The animations for this anime are top notch. They blend easily from normal anime to a sharp edge action comic scene. A good example of this is:

Anime Spoiler: Anime Spoiler SelectShow

Next up is the music. I love the training arc music – Hero A.

I have this track on my driving and normal playlist. It’s my must have for the gym. I love the hype this song generates and the music in the background is just perfect.

So here’s my quick overview of My Hero Academia: I’m sure people who watch anime will love it. People who don’t watch that much anime will like it as well.

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