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Music. The art form of conveying a story/message in a rhythmic manner.

Ever since I got my first MP3 player back in high-school I’ve been addicted to music. One of the earliest artists I remember liking a lot was Linkin Park. This was during a stage of just entering my teenage years and of course being that edgy teen, Linkin Park really spoke to me. I’ve always seen music as its origin – a form of story telling. Music doesn’t need words to communicate its message. So let’s take a look into my musical taste.



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Through high-school there was this strange concept of “people should only like one genre of music”. I found this weird because I liked music from most popular genre at that time. It’s probably Linkin Park that sparked my enthusiasm for both rock and rap, either together or individually. So my choice of genre is never set on one. My musical choice for the time is usually set on my mood at the time.

If I’m going to the gym, driving or just in a high energy state I usually start with some rap or rock. My go-to at this stage is currently Run The Jewels.


I love their latest album Run the Jewels 3. So much energy on a single album. The album is also nicely designed. As each song ends it smoothly flows into the next song on the album. There have been countless times where I have looped through the album a few times before realising it.

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Then for the other days of just chilling and having a calm day, it’s usually a mix of EDM, Rock, Hip Hop or just whatever.

Mr Suicide Sheep is my go to for EDM track I have yet to discover. Quite often I find myself just scouring Youtube videos’ comment sections for the title of a song that sounded just right for the video. This song, I actually discovered while DSPStanky was streaming and it was on his ‘Get Hype’ playlist. These tracks aren’t as chill as other songs. There’s also barely any lyrics to the song. But with these songs I can feel the energy of it. It triggers my imagination and my thoughts.


Musical Preferences

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I tend to avoid Top 40 hits. A large majority of the time I feel its full of too many Pop songs. Yes they’re catchy but they easily get overplayed and the songs slowly lose their hype and energy. There are some songs which I’m glad are there, i.e. Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE. In fact I barely listen to the radio. I use my phone and my driving playlist. I usually find new music via the Internet. Most of that will be from the New Release section on Google Play. As I said above, I will use YouTube videos. Most of those videos are ones like ‘Overwatch highlights of the week’. Even watching twitch/stream highlights I will pause the video and try figure out the song that was lightly playing the background. So yes I do have some preference on music but my preference is based on the mood of the song being presented.

So as you can see above my music taste relies on my mood and the state of mind I’m in. I don’t rely on the radio for my entertainment. I have a driving playlist with 600+ songs. I usually throw that on random and away I go. The playlist has a multitude of songs that aren’t hugely popular but generally those are from artists that many people haven’t heard about or they’re an artist who is just starting out. My recommendation – go on to Soundcloud, Youtube or any platform where there are less heard of artists. Click on any of the suggested videos. Don’t limit yourself to one genre or type. Go out  and explore. There are millions and millions of different tracks out there and each one is unique in its own way.

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