How do I adult ?

How do I adult?

Just by looking at a few memes it seems a lot of people in their 20’s are finally wandering around the big bad world and have no idea how it works. Now that we’ve finished our studies or we’re finally at a stage to start pushing our working lives in a direction we want to be, we now realize this is harder than we thought.

Right after I finished university I went straight into an internship I did for three months. After that had ended, I spent  the next 2-3 months job hunting. At that stage I only had 3 months of real world experience, my grades weren’t amazing but I finally got a job. A majority of those 2-3 months were spent working on small side projects. Most of those projects were small android apps like a contacts app with Pokemon theme or an app to check how full the UoA Labs are. It was during this time I learnt that being an adult will be hard.

Now that my studies are over, I have a job. What next?

I’m still living at home so I still have some comfort for now. Until then, I’m slowly learning how to cook for myself. But that’s a basic skill. What else could I need?

Finances, house chores, gym, there is so much more to learn about. With work taking up 5 of the 7 days a week that leaves very little time for anything else. Of course sleeping should be a large portion of your week/life, but there are also other factors. A lot of the time you’ll be mentally exhausted from work so when you get home you just want to sit back, unwind and not think or do anything.

So how do I do this?

Planning. Start by scheduling things on a calendar or app. That’s what I’m slowly learning to do. During uni I used to memorise my calendar and keep a lax track of things I needed to do. Now I have go gym after work, go out for lunch or dinner every so often. I leave weekends and a few hours between gym and work for doing some chores and Overwatch. I used to work on my side projects after work but that began to get too taxing. I realised that since I spent a day coding, then coming home to do more coding was pretty much doing work for most of my day.


Too many things. What do I do?

Create priorities. It’s a simple life lesson with scheduling. But of course with this you’ll begin to realise the you have minimal free time. I’ve not set a goal of giving myself more free time. Why? With constantly being busy I’m slowly losing track of my events and other things happening in my life. I’ve easily lost track of such things like today date, friends birthdays, etc. Of course with being busy you’re not doing your best in all tasks. As I learn and grow through the scary adult life I’m slowly learning of new ways to do things. I’m now meal prepping on a weekly basis to help with money and better eating choices. I’m going to work later and gym later so I can get more sleep, and leaving Saturdays free for chilling or catching up with friends. Sundays are even more chill. I’m usually open to going to events with friends but I leave that as my chores catch-up day.

Now that I have set times for chilling, I can begin to learn more about other things I should know. The easiest way to do this: Google. Even if it sounds stupid, just open up Google and ask type in that question. I’m happy to admit that even I Google simple things like ‘How to do a tax return’ or ‘What does AC mean’. Even if I vaguely know the answer I’ll still Google it to find out more information or see how other people react to the situation.

In reflecting on this, I still have lots to learn about life but for now let’s see if I can finish those side projects. (#finishHowManyKebabsIsItApp)



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