Hello New World – Ashwin

The Introduction…..

I’ve never been good at talking about myself but I’ll try.

Lets get the basic information out of the way: Gamer, software developer, memer/redditor, general nerd. Graduated from University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Science Specializing in Information System. From that wide pathway I jumped on to the odd exciting world of Software Development. Spare time is now filled with random activities.
What’s that? You want more?

Well I’m Indian (Gujarati) but born and raised in good old Kiwi Land.
It was in my teen years that I discovered a passion for technology, got our first family PC and started developing a more inquisitive nature.
During high-school/rebel/teen years I tried to focus my studies into developing my Art Design skills, which got me some nice grades but it wasn’t where  I wanted to go.

Now, I just a software developer at one of NZ best company (Vista) and on the best Teams there (GO VEEZI). Programming in my spare time? I used to do this. Back when my mind was not phased by the chores of adulthood. I have many app ideas which I have written down but I will get around to finishing off at some point. Yes. Even the stupid ones #KebabCalcApp2017

In my spare time I attempt to be gamer/anime fan. Haven’t played too much many games but Overwatch Competitive keeps me going. When I do have some time I frequent my 3DS for some good ol Pokemon (oh the depth of time sunk into that franchise….. I’ll leave that for another post). Or just jamming a free roam/RPG on PS3/PS4.

Music. I listen to a lot of it. My taste doesn’t sit at one genre. I branch out to many. Even as I write this I have “1-Hour Anime Music Mix – Best of Anime Soundtracks – Most Epic & Powerful” just jamming in the background. If I had to focus my music down to a category then it would be HYPE/FEELS. To go deeper – Rap, rock and EDM.

I think this should do for an introduction. Lets see what crazy ideas my mind spins for the next post. So remember to Like, follow, subscribe, I don’t know bookmark, leave this tab open?
I’ll see everyone next time.

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