Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Ah one of my biggest nerdy obsessions.


Pokemon was probably one of the first anime I vividly remember watching. It was always on after school at 4pm. Right before Dragon Ball Z and other amazing shows that enticed a child’s mind.  I never had pets growing up so Pokemon was a great way for me to channel my imagination and pretend.

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To this day, I’m still playing the Pokemon games. I play Pokemon Go every day but that’s for levelling efforts (and gym control). I play the main games every time they come out and I’m attempting to complete my collection of the games.

Yes I know the games are designed for children, and if you read my other post (Adults and kids cartoons) you know a little on why I play. Ultimately the charm of the games keeps me here. Each game is a new adventure and new ways of solving puzzles. Then there’s the competitive online side where for the most of the time it’s a game of outsmarting your opponents.

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There’s also the meme side of the game which the game creators have adopted. With X and Y there was a depth of hidden stories (creepy ghost girl), new in-game mechanics for breeding (easier to breed higher IV pokemon) and the online presence of Pokemon got stronger. They finally gave the chance for the elusive Pokemon like Mew, Celebii which were really hard to get outside of the games or never released worldwide. X and Y gave them out as Mystery Gifts which could be downloaded to each current game (X, Y, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby).

I could keep going but with 20 years of content and still going strong this would have to be multiple post. With Pokemon being a huge part of my life, I don’t think I’ll easily forget about the magic it captures or how it helped me to increase my reading abilities. Just look at the impact Pokemon Go had. It was a trending app and there’s still several hundreds of people in Auckland alone who are playing. I hope it stays a strong part of my life and the franchise keeps igniting the imaginations of others.


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