Failure is never an option

That’s a common line we’ve all heard in multiple places. But what if I told you it is.



To put it simply failure is the opposite of success. But what is success? Success is when a goal is achieved. Often failure is associated with negativity in the regard that you didn’t succeed in your task. If we wanted to go deeper then we could include partial success and partial failure, but let’s leave that out for now.

Of course its natural human instinct to strive for success. Remember back in primary school where you would get a new gold star next to your name every time you did something good, that satisfaction of something small like that. Compare that to the something like losing a friendly sports game. They’re complete opposites in terms of feelings. But what about when failure is desired?

The most simple case, that I can think of failure being wanted is, HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training). My gym routine now consists of a HIIT circuit which involves me doing exercise till fail. The point of failure is usually my body’s limit of that rep. At this point I always want to fail at least at my last record or set a new personal record.

But what about other cases of wanting failure?

I’ve always looked at life like so: if you don’t make the mistakes then you wont learn from them. Just look at it this way: there are 2 paths, one to success one to failure. There is nothing stopping you from walking up one path, getting to a point along and deciding to turn around and go the other way. Or maybe one path connects to the other in some weird way.

So don’t be afraid to fail. Always keep in mind that there’s always another path. You never know when that path you thought was wrong could actually be the right path. Remember to always keep on learning from mistakes. In the wise words of the mighty Shia “DO IT”.

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