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Tech Update – 2018

Ahhh boxing day. The real Christmas for the frugal/bargain seekers. This year, I was planning on only buying a few things. Mainly a new PC case, a new monitor and maybe a mouse or games if they’re on special. So on the 25th, I hopped on to PB Tech’s website and started browsing cases.

I found the Phanteks P300 with RGB support (trust me RGB = speed). I threw some extra cables into the order and I was done. The case arrived a few days later and I began on moving my PC from my old case to the new one.

All parts were moved in, I flicked the power on and… nothing. I played around with parts and fittings for next few hours. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I fished out my original motherboard from 8 years ago and tested my power supply. That worked. Now for the latest motherboard. I remember I took the CPU fan off for cleaning… I checked that and found out that two of the pins that secure it to the motherboard don’t sit on the motherboard at all.

I spent the next hour or so trying to figure out how this stupid push clip thing works. No dice. I put that down to the cause of no power on and decided to upgrade my whole system. So off to PB Tech to buy a new system. Since this would last me a long time, I went with the option of a Ryzen 5, new motherboard and 16GB of RAM. I already had a Radeon 560 from last year so that would last for a while.

I installed all the parts and it all worked first time. Some small adjustments were made and then it was good to go. I can now play Overwatch in slightly better quality. (I’ll clean up the wiring when I get more time/not so lazy).

So after that I thought that was it. I then began to notice my Xperia Z5 was overheating and having battery drain issues. I knew about the Google Play Services battery drain bug but this was worse. I was going down 50% overnight. This phone has run great for 3 years but it’s finally showing its age. I then decided to buy a new phone. (Editor’s note: Wow this guy)

I found it sad that I have to search for phones based on whether the manufacturer kept the headphone jack. I’m still a strong believer in using the various wired headphones I have laying around and I wasn’t going to buy 20 dongles just to get through my day. So after some research, I settled on the OnePlus 5T. It’s got an almost stock Android experience and lots of nice features. I didn’t know I needed gesture control i my life until I had it. Setting ‘O’ (or a circle) as Pokemon Go, enabling the music controls and swiping the fingerprint reader for reading notifications. The battery is good and the in-box quick charger makes life easy.

So I’m running two phones now. I decided to start an alternate account on Pokemon Go and use my Z5 as a spare device to help with Pogo (Pokemon Go) raids.

So you’re thinking now, that’s not too much. I also stopped by MightyApe’s site and got a Switch Pro Controller, Pokken and some RGB strips for the new PC. I also went on to AliExpress and bought a new case, a few more cables and the new Xiaomi power bank with quick charge support.


So there was conclusion to an expensive holiday. I’m happy with my purchases because I always wanted to buy these items but the cost of them all has set me back a bit. Now hopefully all these purchases last me as long as their predecessors have.



Edit: Post post update. As the header image I got some Custom Pokemon Key-caps.

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I’m very tempted to try and write this like I’m on an episode of MTV cribs. Since I’m a technology enthusiast, let’s explore the technology I have and use. Now I’m not a millionaire (yet – you can fix that with one easy payment of $1 million into my account) but I like to play around with tech and keep an eye on what’s new. So let’s take a look at what I use on a day to day basis.

Daily Drivers

Let’s start with my everyday devices.

My daily phone is still my Sony Xperia Z5 with stock firmware. I bought this phone roughly 2-3 years ago. This is my choice because I fell in love the original Xperia Z. I love the premium quality feel of the material and the UI (user interface). The phone does cost more than others with those specs but, as I said, this phone has a special feel to it which makes it nice to use. The fingerprint sensor is built into the power button which means it’s so much easier to just pick up and unlock. The back of it is a matte black and I’m a sucker for anything in matte (gloss is too mainstream).

Smart Devices









So I have a Moto 360. I got this when smartwatches were big. I thought I better hop on to this train and hold on. I started developing a project around it called GymTime (I’ll expand on this in a future post). I don’t utilise it as much as I should but I keep using it so it’s not laying around. I have thought of selling it. But I’m one of those people that likes to collect. On my other hand I have the MiBand 2 and a Pokemon Go plus with Matte black vinyl skin (I told you I love matte). I got the MiBand because it was a cheap alternative to a FitBit and I was curious about sleep and fitness tracking. Of course the Pokemon Go Plus is because I’m still playing Pokemon Go and ┬áthe grind to level up is tough.


Nothing too fancy here. Just an Mazda Axella 2005. I bought this car three years ago for $10,000 and it had only done 20,000 km. I thought this was amazing and the car itself is very damn ergonomic. It has nice steering wheel controls and I added a Bluetooth module so the radio could connect to my phone. The car is a manual which makes driving much more fun (except when in traffic).

Inside the car isn’t anything fancy either. The Bluetooth module is inputted through the CD changer and fed into the glove-box. I have a Logitech vent magnet holder for my phone. The magnet holder makes life easier with just drop and go.


At home I have nothing too fancy. Intel i5 4th gen, 8GB Graphics (will upgrade soon) and a Radeon RX560. My keyboard and mouse are just Motospeed ones I got off AliExpress. They do the job for me so I’m fine with what I’ve got at this stage. At work I have a standard PC and a Microsoft Comfort Scuplt keyboard and mouse for general work (please disregard the messy state of my desk).


Back in the good old days of free time and and university, I was a strong console gamer. During that time I had a PS3 where most of my gaming collection was just lots of games that were on special from Mighty Ape daily deals. Then I started working and barely have time for games other than Overwatch. I’ve got a PS4 with Destiny and have a few games from there. Most of the games I have now are remake/remaster collections. I also have a 3DS, DS and a Wii for all the Pokemon games of course.


So that’s a general overview of the technology I use. Nothing fancy or out the norm, but its a little good look into what I have and use.