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The art of binge watching

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Ahhhh. It’s one of those days. Nothing planned. You got nothing serious to do right now. Let’s sit down and watch that TV series you’ve always been told to watch. The whole series is currently sitting on Netflix now. Break out your favourite snacks, get comfy and chill in front of a screen for the next large amount of time watching TV.

The good ol binge watching of a TV series.

Too many people have done this, myself also included. It’s sort of relaxing and depending on the show you can get lost in the world of whatever you’re watching. The last show I binged was Netflix Defenders. This was the epic conclusion to phase 1 of Netflix’s Marvel universe. I love crossovers, team-up series/episodes. Since this was only 13 episodes, I sat down on a Saturday and finished the whole thing. Thanks to Netflix, all the episodes were up on Friday. I spent the very next Saturday morning finishing off the whole series.

Usually I watch a TV show as the episodes come out. I usually don’t like waiting for the whole series to be out. Main reason would because I’d have to binge multiple series as they finish (episodically most shows run from October to April/May). With each weekly episode I like to read subreddits for the show and see what other fans think, browse the memes or fan-art. It also helps build hype for the next episode.

I personally like using Saturday morning for my quick 2-3 hour binge watching. This usually isn’t limited to Netflix. Most of the time I’ll try catch up on TFS (TeamFourStar) streams or other miscellaneous YouTube videos (i.e. Twitch highlights from PUBG, Overwatch or Hearthstone).

So with binge watching, it doesn’t matter what you’re watching or how long. It’s a new way of relaxing and catching up on some media that you didn’t have time to watch over the week. I like to use it as a form of entertainment or a way to escape my busy life. Even if its just for a couple hours of the week. A binge watch doesn’t have to be restricted to just video. I’ve had weekends where I’ve finished off games or listened to new artist of albums. I like to think of these as tools to help us escape our everyday lives and to be entertained in our own way.

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Learning a song with an amateur

So after watching Mike Boyd on YouTube I got inspired to starting learning random skills. So let’s look at what I’m doing.

Quick background on Mike Boyd. His YouTube channel is based on him learning random skills. This will be things like lock picking, solving a Rubiks cube, doing a kick-flip etc.

So why did I choose to learn a song? I wanted something I could do in short bursts and sort of do everyday. I decided to learn a song while I drove to and from work.

With this mini goal, it was something I thought as I was driving to work one day. I was blasting out Run The Jewels – Legend Has It, windows down and attempting to recite the lyrics. Since this was a rap song I mumbled so much of the song and messed up many words.

Side note: this song was used in the upcoming Black Panther movie so wait for it to explode.

Why this song? My driving playlist consists of over 733 songs. My liked songs is just over 1000 songs. As I stated in a previous post, I like a large variety of music. EDM would have been a bad choice on learning lyrics because its more music based rather than lyrics. Rap has some complex lyrics and getting the correct mnemonics is easier.

So to do this I usually have a 10-20 min drive from home to work and vice versa. I play the song 2-3 times during that trip. As the song progresses I will try recite as many of the lyrics as I can.

I’ve done this for the past 2 weeks. I have yet to actually read through the lyrics, I’ve learnt the lyrics via sounds only. At this stage with only the music I can recite about 70% of the lyrics. What will I do once I can recite the song? Nothing really. This is a fun side project that I wanted to complete on my own and with minimal effort. Maybe I’ll move on to a new song and see if I can do it faster. Maybe I’ll move on to a new skill.

The Planned Post

Huawei Huawei in my hand

Who’s got days and weeks all planned?

I let my phone tell me what to do. That’s a bit of a vague statement, isn’t it? I mean like I’ve told it what to tell me to do. Hmm, that’s still not making much sense. Well, here’s how it is.

There’s this app called TimeTune. At it’s core it’s a planner, or a scheduler if you will. It’s not like a calendar, though. You can tell it what your typical day looks like and it’ll tell keep track of it and let you know when it’s time to do the next thing and if you set up a week’s worth of schedules, it’ll remember to make sure you know that 8pm on Monday nights means TV time. I totally recommend it if you’re into planning your days or week down to the hour. I use it differently, though.

I’ve got my week set up as my ideal week. The idea is to be able to, at a glance, know what you should be doing at that very moment in order to be the most productive. For me, this is the routine where I get the most done. Y’know those days when you feel like you really did a lot and made good use of your time? Like that. I’m looking at my phone right now and it says work which is what I’m doing right now writing this post. It’s a form of work, i.e. not being idle. I don’t really like being idle so this works out well for a psychopath like me.

To me, that ideal week represents a me who is on top of shit and in control. It’s a persona I can step into because I always know what it would be doing at that moment. I’ve found it really useful when I’ve ever felt super slack, tired, or bored. I may wake up in the morning feeling like a drowsy sack of potatoes but I know this persona will be in the gym in an hour, so I’ve gotta get up and get to the gym. This routine embodies who I want to be and knowing the steps to follow make reaching the destination so much easier.

But that was a roundabout way to arrive at this week’s topic; routine. What is it about routines, timetables and schedules which make them such a big part of life? Turn that question around. Can you imagine not having routines, timetables or schedules? It’s weeeird. What purpose do they really serve and why are they so integral?

STOP. Hypothetical time.

Scenario 1

You wake up in the morning, the soft sunshine filters through your curtains and the birds chirp their morning songs. Oh crap today is the day you meet Ashwin to go to the movies. Or is it? You think for a while and you’re pretty sure it is movie night so you crawl out of bed and drag yourself through the morning. You decide to mix things up and have breakfast before brushing your teeth, much to your mother’s dismay. Eventually, you’ve dressed yourself.

When were you meeting Ashwin again? You think on it and you’re pretty sure you two were supposed to meet at the movies at 6pm. Now that you’ve successfully remembered a time, you sit down in front of your TV and begin mindlessly channel flicking. Wait what?! Today’s the first day of the new football season?! You’ve become angry that you missed the first two games already. Your phone rings in the middle of your glorious football game viewing. It’s your partner and they’re wondering where you are and whether you had found any parking. You realised that you two had a lunch date planned and were supposed to meet at this new fluoro burger restaurant. You’re obviously late and there’s no way you would have gotten there in less than half an hour so you apologetically call off the lunch date.

A couple of hours pass and you’ve decided it’s probably best if you leave now to get to the movies on time. You’re about to leave but you can’t find the car keys. Your mother tells you that your father took the car out to get it serviced and probably won’t be back any time soon. You’re now very cynical and resort to catching a bus to the movies but you will definitely be late. You send frantic messages to Ashwin explaining the situation but he doesn’t reply.

After getting off the bus, you make your way towards the movies and one of your friends sees you walking past from inside a cafe. She runs outside and ask you what took so long. You’re confused. You tell her you’re on your way to meet Ashwin at the movies and she looks at you. She is puzzled. She tells you that Ashwin is out of the country. You were supposed to meet her and some other friends at this cafe half an hour ago and bring a cake because it’s your other friend’s birthday meetup.

Great job, you d-bag.

Scenario 2

You plan your days and have a calendar so none of that bad stuff happens.


No I’m kidding, not planning days doesn’t make anyone a bad person. If you can remember what to do and when to do it, then you are my hero. But do you get the point of the hyperbolised story? In scenario 1, there’s no routine and there’s no plan. That person doesn’t know what they’re meant to be doing or when they’re meant to be doing it. It kind of makes the day lose its purpose.

That’s kind of an out there thing to say but let’s think about it. When you’ve got a plan or schedule for a day, you’ve set a goal for that day. When you’ve planned a dinner for a night with a friend, you’ve got something to look forward to. Don’t you find that days when you have nothing planned feel a little bland? Like those sorts of days are just fillers in between days where you actually do have plans?

The person in the first scenario also had no idea what to expect. They didn’t think anything of the day. Oh crap it was the day they were meant to meet Ashwin. They were just planning to watch just whatever was on TV. Oh crap there’s been quality football on TV for the past four hours! They were planning to watch football until it was time to leave for the movie. Oh crap they had booked themselves for lunch! They were planning to drive to the movies. Oh crap dad took the car! In the end, they were completely wrong about Ashwin and the movie altogether. That whole day is just one big gloomy smokescreen of cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is that sinking feeling you get when reality just does not match your expectations. Or something like that. Imagine you’re at school and your maths teacher has written up an equation on the board. You’ve done the homework, you know the answer is 5. The teacher asks Timmy what he thinks the answer is and he says 12. Wtf? Your teacher then asks everyone who agrees with Timmy to raise their hand and everyone except you does so. WTF?!

That’s cognitive dissonance, friends. What I’m saying is that he who does not have a plan, or is unaware of the plans around him, reveals himself to cognitive dissonance. It’s just nice having the security of a planned day ahead of you. You know you have a brunch at 10am, you know you have a meeting at 3pm and you know you have gym at 9pm. Surprises are nice… until they’re nasty and unexpected.

So what am I trying to say? I don’t know I never planned to get this far.

Routines can be helpful to keep us flaky human beings on track. Routines make us feel good inside when things go as planned and we avoid cognitive dissonance.

I like routines.


(I will keep using Hero Academia gifs until I run out)


Admiration: something regarded as impressive or worthy of respect.

As we go through our lives we all aim for something. For most of our lives we have a set goal. This goal isn’t concrete and can change it any time. Or you can change the goal. There will even be a case where you could more than one goal.

One thing to help with the achieving a goal is look at someone or something that you admire. Let’s look at the weird and wacky people I admire.


Lifestyles Admiration

Terry Crews. I admire him because he has an amazing outlook on life in general. He always displays high energy in anything he does. I’ve seen and read lots of his content and he generally seems like a good character.

White Girls is probably my first instance of Terry Crews and he played a brilliant character in the movie. It wasn’t until years later that Terry started doing vlog’s and Q&A videos. In these videos he pushed the theme’s of being yourself and striving for your goals.

It’s from these videos we learnt about Terry’s passion for games and wanting to build a gaming PC with his son so they could game together. Next, the internet exploded after this video came out.

Fans of this idea were really hyped for Terry to play Doomfist but the Overwatch team chose another person. I, myself, am fine with this but as per the video above, I’d love to have a Terry Crews voice-pack for Overwatch.


Achievement Admiration

Donald Glover. Or as some of you know him, Childish Gambino. This man has achieved so much. He started as a comedy writer for 30 Rock, stand-up comedian, moved into acting for Community and now a big movie star (Martian, Star Wars prequel as young Lando), Award winning show Atlanta where he helped create, write and played lead role. He’s only 33 and has achieved so much.

I have strong admiration for him because he’s achieved so much. I really started supporting him once I saw him in Community.

His performance of Troy was amazing. His duo with Abed (Danny Pudi) created a strong bromance character set which was loved by many. It was from the show I learned about his rap career as Childish Gambino. His original style of nerdy black kid rap for the white kids was a good start. Then the transition for his next albums, Because the Internet and STN MTN blew up his presence in the music world. My favourite songs are still 3001, Sweatpants and Sober. He has a nice mix of RnB and rap in the album with multiple iconic quotable lyrics.

He then raised his fame by releasing Awaken My Love. This album was not rap. Instead its a fusion of psychedelic soul, funk and RnB from when he was growing up. The music on this album was very interesting and very easy to get into the groove of it.

To me, going from nobody to world acclaimed artist is amazing. He played his music career how he wanted and you can feel that from the music. You can feel the positive energy and the emotions. I admire Donald Glover for what he’s done in his career and have huge respect for this man.

So a lot of images in this post. But the amount of content that we can talk about is endless. This is just two of the people I admire. Of course there are many more. You don’t have to just admire people. I admire the show My Hero Academia or even Overwatch and its success. My goals in life aren’t too complicated. Just aim to be the best and make sure I survived this wacky trip in the adult world. It’s through the admiration of others that I can keep pushing my self and changing my goals as I go. The goal doesn’t have to be long term. I have a multitude of smaller goals to help push me through the day.

So just keep at it and maybe one day. Senpai will finally notice you.

How do I adult ?

How do I adult?

Just by looking at a few memes it seems a lot of people in their 20’s are finally wandering around the big bad world and have no idea how it works. Now that we’ve finished our studies or we’re finally at a stage to start pushing our working lives in a direction we want to be, we now realize this is harder than we thought.

Right after I finished university I went straight into an internship I did for three months. After that had ended, I spent  the next 2-3 months job hunting. At that stage I only had 3 months of real world experience, my grades weren’t amazing but I finally got a job. A majority of those 2-3 months were spent working on small side projects. Most of those projects were small android apps like a contacts app with Pokemon theme or an app to check how full the UoA Labs are. It was during this time I learnt that being an adult will be hard.

Now that my studies are over, I have a job. What next?

I’m still living at home so I still have some comfort for now. Until then, I’m slowly learning how to cook for myself. But that’s a basic skill. What else could I need?

Finances, house chores, gym, there is so much more to learn about. With work taking up 5 of the 7 days a week that leaves very little time for anything else. Of course sleeping should be a large portion of your week/life, but there are also other factors. A lot of the time you’ll be mentally exhausted from work so when you get home you just want to sit back, unwind and not think or do anything.

So how do I do this?

Planning. Start by scheduling things on a calendar or app. That’s what I’m slowly learning to do. During uni I used to memorise my calendar and keep a lax track of things I needed to do. Now I have go gym after work, go out for lunch or dinner every so often. I leave weekends and a few hours between gym and work for doing some chores and Overwatch. I used to work on my side projects after work but that began to get too taxing. I realised that since I spent a day coding, then coming home to do more coding was pretty much doing work for most of my day.


Too many things. What do I do?

Create priorities. It’s a simple life lesson with scheduling. But of course with this you’ll begin to realise the you have minimal free time. I’ve not set a goal of giving myself more free time. Why? With constantly being busy I’m slowly losing track of my events and other things happening in my life. I’ve easily lost track of such things like today date, friends birthdays, etc. Of course with being busy you’re not doing your best in all tasks. As I learn and grow through the scary adult life I’m slowly learning of new ways to do things. I’m now meal prepping on a weekly basis to help with money and better eating choices. I’m going to work later and gym later so I can get more sleep, and leaving Saturdays free for chilling or catching up with friends. Sundays are even more chill. I’m usually open to going to events with friends but I leave that as my chores catch-up day.

Now that I have set times for chilling, I can begin to learn more about other things I should know. The easiest way to do this: Google. Even if it sounds stupid, just open up Google and ask type in that question. I’m happy to admit that even I Google simple things like ‘How to do a tax return’ or ‘What does AC mean’. Even if I vaguely know the answer I’ll still Google it to find out more information or see how other people react to the situation.

In reflecting on this, I still have lots to learn about life but for now let’s see if I can finish those side projects. (#finishHowManyKebabsIsItApp)