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The Third Intro Post

Another Intro Post!

Are you getting tired of these? Too bad!

This will be the first post you read. No that might not be true if you ended up reading the posts in chronological order. This will be the most recent post when Ashwin and I begin telling people about this blog. That’s more accurate.

Why is that?

When we started this blog, Ashwin and I didn’t know when we wanted to sorta “publicise” the blog or how to go about it at all. We had obviously never read many blogs and had no real idea of how to manage one. We figured there were two ways to go about things, at least in these early stages.

  1. Publicise then post. We tell all our friends that we had started this new blog and what we hope to accomplish and then from there, it’s a matter of posting every week consistently and holding ourselves to that standard.
  2. Post then publicise. We set up the blog and begin ghost-posting every week and when we have this routine built into our lives, we tell our friends about this blog.

You can obviously tell that we went for the second option. The point was to build the habit of posting every week, by a certain day. The point was to introduce this new focus into our weeks.

As soon as we let people know that our intention is to post weekly, we’d be held to that standard whether we like it or not. For that reason, we wanted to make sure that we would be able to churn out blog posts reliably. The best way to become good at publishing a post every week was just to practice it – and that’s what we did. Hence the posts from before you knew about this blog haha.

To me, focus is stubbornness. People who are focussed aren’t willing to budge. There are different manifestations of this but it really boils down to knowing what you want and making that happen. Bruce Wayne is focussed on removing crime from Gotham City and Elon Musk is focussed on improving everything that ever existed and Ashwin and I are focussed on putting down our thoughts and projects here.

I hope we have ingrained the process of planning and executing a good blog post into our routines well enough for this to be a learning experience for us as well as a source of entertaining reads for anyone who does read this.

Ashwin and I aren’t in this to have the blog go big and become famous. We’re in it for the fulfillment of having our own blog where we can post whatever we want. So if you think you like where this blog is going, let us know! If you don’t, that’s okay. Maybe come back later when we have more content and see whether any of that interests you. We won’t mind.

But yeah, welcome to our blog!

The Fortune Cookie Post

“You are a lover of words, you will write a book.”

That was in a fortune cookie I read and it felt like a metaphor and a formula for something we do often and innately.

If you cut out the part about words and writing books from the fortune, you’re left with this formulaic, hangman sort of sentence. “You are a lover of ____, you will ____.” To me, this is about building collections. We’re collectors by nature, regardless of whether we know it or not.

I like movies, games and books and I have collections of all those. Do you like paintings, stamps and shoes? Do you have collections of all those? I think that at the base of it, this is about finding enjoyment in something and then getting more of it for yourself so that you can enjoy it more. Eventually, you’ll build such a large collection that you can’t help but to be an expert.

Collections like the Nike Air Jordans, the Dragonball Z box set and the Crash Bandicoot legacy are all tangible collections. But are there such things as intangible collections? Sure there are. These manifest themselves as experiences and can be collected in a similar way. I love playing football, and that motivates me to play more football. This is an experience driving me to collect more like experiences. In the end, you have an ever-growing collection and you’re on the way to becoming more knowledgeable in the field. The more football I play, the better I’ll become at it.

Knowledge in a field becomes something which arises from a large collection, which acts as a sort of log or documentation for you as the collector. You had begun collecting all these things so long ago, and now you have so many of them. You’ve come such a long way and have worked hard to gather all these things. The fact that you have what you have is a testament to the journey you had begun and are still currently on.

What or who may you have become if you had not begun that journey collecting all those things? Where would you be now and what other collections would you have? What collection of discussions could you be having and with which collection of people? What a collection of questions.

Regardless of whether your collections live in a display case or your mind, we have to be ruthless and unforgiving about them. We need to be true to ourselves and we shouldn’t need to worry about what others will say or think about our collections – how can our collections give us satisfaction if they are tailored to the tastes of other people?

When we share collections with like-minded collectors, we understand the capacity of the collection. We begin to realise that we could do this forever, marvel at how much more there is to collect, or just how much happiness our collections make us feel. It’s all en route to getting what we want from collecting in the first place.

When you stop and look at your collections, you can feel a sort of fulfillment. When you make time to gaze over what you have accomplished is when you feel the most accomplished. Your collections of daily jogs will make you wonder how you ever used to feel fit jogging only 5km at a time. In the same way, your collection of Justin Timberlake albums will undoubtedly show you how his music has changed and also stayed the same. Your collection of loved ones will show you the worth of collecting.

At the end of the day, we’re all looking for fulfillment and, as natural collectors, we’ll find it if we can step back and take a holistic stance when assessing our collections. Ten times out of ten, we’ll see that we had embarked on many journeys and that we had grown in several ways. It’s a part of life to collect.

Hi, my name is Dasarsh and this is the first of my blog post collection. Wish me luck.

Hello New World – Ashwin

The Introduction…..

I’ve never been good at talking about myself but I’ll try.

Lets get the basic information out of the way: Gamer, software developer, memer/redditor, general nerd. Graduated from University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Science Specializing in Information System. From that wide pathway I jumped on to the odd exciting world of Software Development. Spare time is now filled with random activities.
What’s that? You want more?

Well I’m Indian (Gujarati) but born and raised in good old Kiwi Land.
It was in my teen years that I discovered a passion for technology, got our first family PC and started developing a more inquisitive nature.
During high-school/rebel/teen years I tried to focus my studies into developing my Art Design skills, which got me some nice grades but it wasn’t where  I wanted to go.

Now, I just a software developer at one of NZ best company (Vista) and on the best Teams there (GO VEEZI). Programming in my spare time? I used to do this. Back when my mind was not phased by the chores of adulthood. I have many app ideas which I have written down but I will get around to finishing off at some point. Yes. Even the stupid ones #KebabCalcApp2017

In my spare time I attempt to be gamer/anime fan. Haven’t played too much many games but Overwatch Competitive keeps me going. When I do have some time I frequent my 3DS for some good ol Pokemon (oh the depth of time sunk into that franchise….. I’ll leave that for another post). Or just jamming a free roam/RPG on PS3/PS4.

Music. I listen to a lot of it. My taste doesn’t sit at one genre. I branch out to many. Even as I write this I have “1-Hour Anime Music Mix – Best of Anime Soundtracks – Most Epic & Powerful” just jamming in the background. If I had to focus my music down to a category then it would be HYPE/FEELS. To go deeper – Rap, rock and EDM.

I think this should do for an introduction. Lets see what crazy ideas my mind spins for the next post. So remember to Like, follow, subscribe, I don’t know bookmark, leave this tab open?
I’ll see everyone next time.