Cant Stop Wont Stop – Overwatch Part 2



One of the great memes generated by the internet. Boostio (Ana’s nano boosted accidental hit on Lucio), has become a great meme to express the fun and and random enjoyment of the game. One of my favourite uses of this memes is the almighty godlike player named DSPStanky.

This man revived and renewed my playstyle of Lucio.

As seen in his most famous video he took the internet challenge and moved from console play to PC where the competitive game is more intense. He took his unorthodox play-style of aggressive healer
In most games the healer is usually quite passive, sits in the back lines and hiding behind the tanks of the team. The way DSPStanky showed a more aggressive and smarter way to play Lucio by using the surrounding area to attack/escape team fights is amazing.


Next is the infamous BOOP of Overwatch.  It started from the animated Sombra video introduction but then coined as a term for pushing your opponent away from you. The most infamous characters of this are Lucio and Pharah. With DSPStanky’s useful plays and aggressive style this was perfect for me. Most commonly, the opposing team will be concentrated on taking out my team. Meanwhile Lucio can race in behind them and ‘BOOP’ them into a nearby pit or cliff. With this insta-kill method, your team can easily take control and take the objective. With the edge/pit kills that players cant be rezed (resurrected) and very few other characters have abilities to jump back. With those characters, you can harass them back into the pit or time it well enough to BOOP after their ability is on cooldown.

Lucio. Hes currently my main just for the sheer fun of messing with people and creating complicated situations for them.

I am on fire… but an extinguisher is not required

Next up is Zenyatta. Ahhh the almighty  pacifist who throw his orbs of healing or destruction. His abilities: Discord – increase damage inflicted. Heal – heal teamates and his ultimate is a AOE of healing for set duration. This will out-heal most other of the enemy teams ultimates. Zenyatta’s Discord is powerful. It can help your team easily deal with that pesky flanker or drain a tank down to nothing. His heal orb is just the opposite and heals your teammate with increased speed. Zenyatta is almost the opposite of Lucio. He’s the least mobile hero in the game but he can inflict some serious damage. His Discord combined with other team members’ attacks can destroy an opposing enemy in seconds. Even tanks can be shredded in seconds without giving them time to heal or run. But with the decreased mobility, if he’s left alone or out in the open he is very vulnerable.

Those are just 2 of my mains at this time. But as you can see so far the choice usually depends on my teams composition or what I feel like (or if my ping is bouncing like crazy). There’s also the choice of map. If it’s control map then Lucio is king. Otherwise when playing with defensive and tanky teams, I’ll use Zenyatta to cover heals and dish out the DPS. Now if only I could play both at once. I’ll be unstoppable.

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