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Admiration: something regarded as impressive or worthy of respect.

As we go through our lives we all aim for something. For most of our lives we have a set goal. This goal isn’t concrete and can change it any time. Or you can change the goal. There will even be a case where you could more than one goal.

One thing to help with the achieving a goal is look at someone or something that you admire. Let’s look at the weird and wacky people I admire.


Lifestyles Admiration

Terry Crews. I admire him because he has an amazing outlook on life in general. He always displays high energy in anything he does. I’ve seen and read lots of his content and he generally seems like a good character.

White Girls is probably my first instance of Terry Crews and he played a brilliant character in the movie. It wasn’t until years later that Terry started doing vlog’s and Q&A videos. In these videos he pushed the theme’s of being yourself and striving for your goals.

It’s from these videos we learnt about Terry’s passion for games and wanting to build a gaming PC with his son so they could game together. Next, the internet exploded after this video came out.

Fans of this idea were really hyped for Terry to play Doomfist but the Overwatch team chose another person. I, myself, am fine with this but as per the video above, I’d love to have a Terry Crews voice-pack for Overwatch.


Achievement Admiration

Donald Glover. Or as some of you know him, Childish Gambino. This man has achieved so much. He started as a comedy writer for 30 Rock, stand-up comedian, moved into acting for Community and now a big movie star (Martian, Star Wars prequel as young Lando), Award winning show Atlanta where he helped create, write and played lead role. He’s only 33 and has achieved so much.

I have strong admiration for him because he’s achieved so much. I really started supporting him once I saw him in Community.

His performance of Troy was amazing. His duo with Abed (Danny Pudi) created a strong bromance character set which was loved by many. It was from the show I learned about his rap career as Childish Gambino. His original style of nerdy black kid rap for the white kids was a good start. Then the transition for his next albums, Because the Internet and STN MTN blew up his presence in the music world. My favourite songs are still 3001, Sweatpants and Sober. He has a nice mix of RnB and rap in the album with multiple iconic quotable lyrics.

He then raised his fame by releasing Awaken My Love. This album was not rap. Instead its a fusion of psychedelic soul, funk and RnB from when he was growing up. The music on this album was very interesting and very easy to get into the groove of it.

To me, going from nobody to world acclaimed artist is amazing. He played his music career how he wanted and you can feel that from the music. You can feel the positive energy and the emotions. I admire Donald Glover for what he’s done in his career and have huge respect for this man.

So a lot of images in this post. But the amount of content that we can talk about is endless. This is just two of the people I admire. Of course there are many more. You don’t have to just admire people. I admire the show My Hero Academia or even Overwatch and its success. My goals in life aren’t too complicated. Just aim to be the best and make sure I survived this wacky trip in the adult world. It’s through the admiration of others that I can keep pushing my self and changing my goals as I go. The goal doesn’t have to be long term. I have a multitude of smaller goals to help push me through the day.

So just keep at it and maybe one day. Senpai will finally notice you.

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